What Vifiro Offers


Inspire purchases by finally enabling your online visitors to interact with your items.

What wE OffeR

Apparel solution

By asking for some information about the user’s body it’s possible to create a realistic avatar of the user in terms of measurements. The second step is to visualize your items in true measurements on this avatar, enabling the user to see if, and how the item fits on his or her body.

Apparel Features

  • An accurate and realistic try-on experience.
  • Size-fitting visualization.
  • Augmented Reality visualization.
  • Try-on and match items to stimulate cross-selling.

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Footwear Digitization

We can create photorealistic 3D models of your shoes in a very short amount of time using photogrammetry technology. These models can be used for a wide range of possibilities.

footwear try-on

This feature enables your users to try-on your shoes using augmented reality, the visualization is live so the users can move their feet while the shoe stays on.

In case you’re looking to create interactive experiences for other products, reach out to us we’ll do our best to help!