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About Us

Vifiro is a team of ambitious and energetic pioneers with a passion for smart digital solutions. We leverage new technologies as machine learning, artificial intelligence and augmented reality to reduce online returns in unlimited industries. Our business operations contribute to a greener and more sustainable tomorrow.

Quote CEO

“As information about items is currently limited to text and pictures in the online environment, the need for enabling a try-on is very logical to me. We wear the items after our purchase, but we can’t try before we buy, causing an unnecessary high return rate.”

The vision of Vifiro

E-commerce is growing rapidly in today’s society and it will never disappear. This makes it increasingly important to deal intelligently and sustainably with the processes of ordering and delivering products. The team at Vifiro is therefore certain that consumers and retailers can no longer do without a virtual fitting room for clothing and fashion accessories.

The mission of Vifiro

Vifiro’s mission consists of two core values: to simplify the purchasing process for the consumer (and thereby remove uncertainty about an order), and to help build a sustainable future without unnecessary CO2 emissions.